Wiring Cloud Native applications for local development

Track: Cloud Technology
Despite the quality of modern cloud-native tools, the user experience for the inner and outer loops are still radically different, which introduces friction and slows down developer productivity.

Development setups are application-centric, while production environments deal with deployments and tools required for operations teams to keep applications up and running. In this session, we explore tools to simplify both sides to improve developer productivity by following a platform engineering and polyglot approach.

This session demonstrates and provides hands-on experience on:
How to enable developers with standard application-level APIs to solve common distributed application challenges by using Dapr.
How to equip developers and product managers with consistent and polyglot feature flags with OpenFeature.
And how to develop locally with these tools, outside of a Kubernetes Cluster, by using Testcontainers.
Oleg Šelajev
Oleg Šelajev is a developer advocate at AtomicJar working on making integration tests with Testcontainers better for everyone in the community. VirtualJUG leader. Java Champion.
Mauricio "Salaboy" Salatino
Mauricio works as Open Source Software Engineer at @Diagrid, contributing to and driving initiatives for the Dapr OSS project. Mauricio also serves as a Steering Committee member for the Knative Project, and he is also Co-Leading the Knative Functions initiative. He is writing a book titled Platform Engineering on Kubernetes for Manning Publishing and previously worked at VMware and Red Hat, building tools to help developers be more productive.