Tech Parents Do's and Don'ts for Teaching Your Kids Programming (from the perspective of a kid)

Track: Keynote
I have been teaching workshops for underprivileged kids since I was 13 years old, because I want programming to be fun and engaging just like how I learned to program. Teaching kids programming at a young age is really important to improve diversity in the field of computer science. Studies show that after middle school most students have already made up their mind about a career in computers, so having a positive introduction to computers at a young age is really important.

I will share some of the techniques I use to get kids excited about technology, which you can use to teach your own kids or others. We will use Phippy and Friends characters to introduce basic programming and cloud-computing concepts in a way that is approachable for kids of all ages.
Cassandra Chin
I am a student at Colorado State University Global and interested in computer science and teaching technology to younger kids. I teach workshops for Devoxx4Kids in the bay area and also at international events like Kubecon, Jfokus, JCrete, and Devoxx Morocco. Also, I run a Minecraft server, so come and visit my world: