Serverless Java in Action: Cloud Agnostic Design Patterns and Tips

Track: Cloud Native
You've probably seen how to create a Function-as-a-Service with one of the cloud providers, but if this is all you know about Serverless, prepare to have your mind blown! In this session we'll show you how to create a production-grade, cloud-agnostic, event-driven serverless solution with Quarkus, a Java stack optimized for fast startup and small footprint; and Knative, an open source community project for deploying, running and managing serverless applications on Kubernetes. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in and hello to Supersonic Subatomic Java-based Serverless bliss!
Kevin Dubois
Kevin is a software engineer and international speaker talking mostly about Java, Quarkus and Cloud Native Development & Deployment practices. He currently works as developer advocate at Red Hat, on a mission to supercharge developer joy and productivity using Open Source as the guiding light. He previously worked as a (Lead) Software Engineer at a variety of organizations across the world ranging from small startups to large US enterprises and even government agencies. Kevin is actively involved in Open Source communities, contributing to projects such as Quarkus, Knative, Apache Camel, and Podman (Desktop); and as committee member of the Belgian Kubernetes Meetup group as well as the Belgian Java User Group. Kevin speaks English, Dutch, French and Italian fluently and is currently based in Belgium, having lived in Italy and the USA as well. In his free time you can find him somewhere in the wild hiking, gravel biking, snowboarding or packrafting.
Daniel Oh
Daniel Oh is Java Champion and Senior Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat to evangelize developers for building cloud-native apps and serverless ob Kubernetes ecosystems. He's also contributing to various cloud open-source projects and ecosystems as a CNCF ambassador for accelerating DevOps adoption in enterprises. He's speaking at lots of technical seminars, workshops, and meetups to elaborate on new emerging technologies for enterprise developers & DevOps teams.