Quarkus 3: The Road to Virtual Threads for Cheaper, Faster, and Easier Concurrent Applications

Track: Cloud Native
Developers have had extraordinary experiences and taken stunning capabilities while they were developing Java microservices from local to the cloud using Quarkus for the past 5 years. But there is more to come with their journey since we have just arrived in Quarkus 3 which provides good, better, and even excellent features and capabilities in terms of developer experience, performance, scalability, and cloud integration. Especially, Quarkus 3 on Java 21 simplifies asynchronous concurrent applications using virtual threads (Project Loom) for high scalability. In this session, we take you through how Quarkus integrates Loom on Java 21 for developers to make concurrent applications easier, have cheaper memory, and have high performance using virtual threads. You can also learn about what’s new in Quarkus 3 such as JakartaEE 10, MicroProfile 6, Hibernate ORM 6, and more.
Daniel Oh
Daniel Oh is Java Champion and Senior Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat to evangelize developers for building cloud-native apps and serverless ob Kubernetes ecosystems. He's also contributing to various cloud open-source projects and ecosystems as a CNCF ambassador for accelerating DevOps adoption in enterprises. He's speaking at lots of technical seminars, workshops, and meetups to elaborate on new emerging technologies for enterprise developers & DevOps teams.