Product Centricity and Agility: Mega Powers combined

Track: Agile
In software development two themes run rampant which are complementary yet distinct: Product Centricity and Agility. Even specialists of these areas might not be familiar with how they are different, what their divergent priorities are, and how to align when trying to decide on where to fall on the continuum between the two. Hear about how these Mega Powers can either work together or explode! Learn how organizations like Discover use dojos and academies to helps product leaders and agile coaches align to drive innovation and continuous improvement while staying true to product vision and organizational outcomes.

Desired learning outcomes:

1. Identify key characteristics of a product-centric approach and an agile (user-focused) approach.
2. Evaluate a given product development scenario to assess where on the continuum of product-centricity and agility your team must fall to achieve desired outcomes.
Learn to formulate recommendations for improving a product development strategy by the incorporating the beneficial elements of both product centricity and agility.
Robert Clawson
Robert is a talented, energetic, and insightful coach focused on helping teams align on their best way of working to build trust and accountability. He has spent more than a decade in the IT field with a primary focus on agile framework, product development, and software quality.