Optimize your applications to the max with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile

Track: JakartaEE
When using complementary tools for optimal utilization in containers and scalable infrastructures, you can achieve optimal value when developing and running enterprise software. Jakarta EE’s mechanics and application server runtimes are perfect tools for achieving this goal, especially when complemented with MicroProfile. This applies whether you are building monoliths, microservices, or anything in between.

Attendees will learn how to optimally build, run and deploy such enterprise applications. Therefore, the session will show little application code, but focus on the concepts, tools, and configurations that are applicable. I will also compare some key concepts with competitors like Spring Framework to emphasize the benefits and downsides.
Edwin Derks
Edwin Derks is a Java Champion from The Netherlands who loves solving complex and strategic IT problems as a Principal Consultant with Team Rockstars IT. He is also passionate about gathering and sharing knowledge about anything related to the Java ecosystem, composable architectures, and cloud-driven development in general. He contributes to MicroProfile and Jakarta EE and often speaks at conferences, passionately sharing his knowledge and experience. In his spare time, he is a loving husband and a father of three. He can often be found in the gym or having a good time at dance parties or heavy metal concerts.