Loom is more than virtual threads: Structured Concurrency and Scoped Values

Track: Core Java
Most of the talk about Project Loom as been about JEP 425: Virtual Threads. That's great because virtual threads are incredibly useful and will revolutionize how we write high-throughput applications. But did you know there are two more JEPs associated with Project Loom that are also very useful? First we'll learn about JEP 428: Structured Concurrency and how it will simplify multithreaded programming on the JVM. Next, we'll learn about JEP 429: Scoped Values which aims to solve some problems that ThreadLocals have had since their introduction way back in Java 1.2! Come to this talk and we'll learn why these projects are useful additions to the JVM, and write some code to illustrate where you'll be able to use them effectively.
Todd Ginsberg
Todd Ginsberg is the Lead Engineer for Payments at a large multinational bank. He has been programming professionally using Java since 1995, Kotlin since 2016, and co-organizes the Triangle JUG. Todd lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife and their dog. When not programming, he enjoys reading, walking/hiking, and doughnuts.