Kubernetes Demystified

Track: Cloud Technology
Have you heard about Kubernetes? Of course you have, is that thing that was created by Google to orchestrate containers. You might have heard some of its features, like auto-scaling, load balancing, zero downtime version releases, etc. And also, you might have heard the new jargon that comes with it.

Pods, nodes, replicasets, deployments, statefulsets, netpols, services, namespaces, kubectl????

If you are wondering what all those words mean, you are not alone! (and you probably need to join me in this talk)

In this session, we'll start with a quick introduction to Kubernetes and the problems that it is trying to solve. We'll demystify terms like pods, deployments, services, and more. You'll gain the knowledge you need to navigate the Kubernetes landscape confidently, making sense of the buzzwords that have left you scratching your head.
Orlando Valdez
Orlando has been solving (and creating) problems with the help of technology for more than 15 years. He currently works at Credit Karma, leads the Charlotte JUG, occasional speaker, husband and father, retro gamer and in a constant learning journey.