Just-in-time Compilation Isn’t Magic

Track: Core Java
Just-in-time Compilation Isn’t Magic

Fortunately for most Java developers the just-in-time compiler just works and appears to work by magic. And yet sometimes, we find ourselves facing a performance problem, so what do we when the magic stops?

In this talk, we’ll learn a few key concepts behind the magic of modern optimizing compilers: intrinsics, basic blocks, static single assignment, and inlining. By the learning these concepts, you’ll learn to save time not trying to optimize the things that the compiler can already do for you and focus on things that matter most.
Douglas Hawkins
Doug has been developing Java for 20+ years across a wide range of industries including bioinformatics, finance, and e-commerce. For the last 10 years, Doug has worked on providing tools to other Java developers. Doug is the creator of Azul's quick start-up technology ReadyNow. Today, Doug works at Datadog providing observability tools for enterprise Java customers.