Java's New Powers: Hero or Villain in Your Code?

Track: Core Java
With Java’s six-month release cadence, new features and enhancements appear like superheroes, more frequently than ever before, promising to address our pain points. These Java features are indeed powerful, but their impact depends on how they are used and integrated into our code. A poorly executed implementation can quickly turn a superhero into a villain, undermining the potential benefits.

Join me in this live hands-on coding session where I’ll demonstrate the capabilities of Java's latest features and the way they are or could be implemented in a real-world project. Prepare to witness the battle between Java's incredible features and the forces of poor implementation. I’ll talk about multiple use cases with practical strategies and best practices for using Java's latest enhancements, ensuring they shine as true superheroes in your development projects.

By the end of this session, you'll learn tips and tricks to utilize Java's new powers like Virtual Threads, String Templates, Pattern Matching, Records, Text Blocks and many more. Join me for an exploration of how Java can be your ally in the battle against code chaos.
Mala Gupta
Mala Gupta is a Developer Advocate at JetBrains, a Java Champion, book author with Manning, Packt, and O'Reilly Publications. An international speaker at industry conferences, she has experience of more than two decades in the software industry. She has been actively supporting Java certification as a path to career advancement. Since 2006, she has been coaching students and professionals to succeed in these certifications. Mala Gupta’s Java books with Manning Publications, USA, are top-rated for Java Certification around the globe. She co-leads Delhi Java User Group. A strong supporter of Women in Technology, she drives initiatives of Women Who Code - Delhi chapter to augment the participation of women in tech.