Java automation for yesterday, today and tomorrow

Track: Cloud Native
Consistency, repeatability and simplicity are core tenants to being successful in today’s face paced, highly competitive industry. Infrastructure and development teams configuring systems that run Java workloads as well as the workloads themselves can achieve these principles through the use of automation.

Ansible Middleware is an Open Source Project that leverages the power of Ansible automation to provide solutions for infrastructure teams managing Java based application servers and systems as well as integrations for developers running Java frameworks. Concerns shared among these groups include Middleware as GitOps, Compliance as Code, the underlying infrastructure, the application server configuration, patching, upgrades and integration between each of the systems, to name a few.

Regardless if the systems and workloads were developed using legacy components or the next generation technologies, utilize a suite of tools that automates your Java based estate.

In this session, attendees will:
* Learn the importance of automation at scale
*Understand the tools and solutions provided by the Ansible Middleware project
* Automate Java application servers regardless of their location: on premise, in the cloud, or at the edge
* See how easy it is to build and deploy Quarkus based applications using automation
* Leverage a suite of assets that development and operations teams can leverage in their own environment
Andrew Block
Andrew Block is a Distinguished Architect at Red Hat that works with organizations to design and implement solutions leveraging cloud native technologies. He specializes in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery methodologies with a focus on security to reducing the overall delivery time. Andrew is the author of several publications on solutions within the Kubernetes ecosystem, a maintainer on the Helm project, and a contributor to several Open Source projects including Sigstore.
Harsha Cherukuri
Experienced Software Engineer with experience in Cloud-based application development and implementation. Open Source Enthusiast.