How do I see it in Backstage?

Track: Cloud Native
Software Templates get lots of attention, and they’re a quick model for an introduction to Backstage. But daily development revolves around the Software Catalog. A central location for discovering everything isn’t very useful unless everything is there. How do you describe the elements of your environment in a way that Backstage understands? Come to this talk to learn about the basic Kinds of Backstage Entities and how Processors examine and validate them for addition to your Catalog. You’ll leave with a basic platform engineering vocabulary and an understanding of how Backstage models Components, APIs, Locations and other Entities in the catalog-info.yaml file.
Josh Wood
Joshua Wood is a Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat. Co-author of Kubernetes Operators (O’Reilly, 2020) and OpenShift for Developers, 2nd Edition (O’Reilly, 2021), he was formerly responsible for documentation at CoreOS. Wood has worked in roles from sysadmin to CTO to build utility computing with open source software. He likes fast cars, slow boats, and short autobiographies.
Ryan Jarvinen
Ryan Jarvinen is a Red Hat Developer Advocate and noted speaker living and working in Sacramento, California. Jarvinen enjoys learning about best practices for developer experience and usability in the Cloud Native ecosystem, and helping teams develop strategies for maximizing collaboration using open source technologies.