Going from containers, to pods, to Kubernetes – help for your developer environments!

Track: Cloud Native
Today, Kubernetes is the undisputed go-to platform for scaling containers. But for developers, Kubernetes can be daunting, particularly when working with the discrepancies between local and production environments. Podman and Podman Desktop bridges this gap. In this talk, you’ll be introduced to Podman and witness the unveiling of Podman Desktop, an open-source GUI tool that streamlines container workflows and is compatible with Podman, Lima, Docker, and more. Podman Desktop serves as a beginner-friendly launch pad to Kubernetes, enabling developers to spin up local clusters (with Kind and Minikube) or work with remote environments. A demo will be given that helps you navigate the paths necessary to transition from app to containers, to pods, and ultimately to Kubernetes, highlighting how it reduces discrepancies and enables predictability in your deployments by leveraging Podman and Podman Desktop's perks and security advantages. You'll also learn how you can benefit from Podman Desktop to streamline your container development processes!
Cedric Clyburn
Cedric Clyburn (@cedricclyburn), Developer Advocate at Red Hat, is an enthusiastic software technologist with a background in Kubernetes, DevOps, and container tools. He has experience speaking at conferences and events including DevNexus, WeAreDevelopers, DevConf, and more. Cedric loves all things open-source, and works to make developer's lives easier! Based out of New York.