Fullstack from the back! Better business application development

Track: Web and Front-end
This session will guide attendees through building data-rich business applications in an efficient way through the use of Hilla and Flow, two web frameworks written by the company, Vaadin. Flow Vaadin Flow is a unique full-stack framework that lets you build web apps without writing HTML or JavaScript. You compose the UI from components, connect it to a data source and react to user events. The UI runs on the JVM without the need to expose REST services or come up with other ways to move data to the browser.
The other framework, Hilla, is an open source framework that integrates a Spring Boot Java backend with a reactive TypeScript frontend. It works with React or Lit and helps you build business apps faster with type-safe server communication, included UI components, and integrated tooling.
Lawrence Lockhart
Lawrence Lockhart, a Developer Advocate at Vaadin, has been in tech for 6 years and helping developers reach their goals for 5. As a mid-life career changer, he appreciates the struggles other adults seeking to transition to tech experience and speaks to those struggles in his content creation on Twitter, TikTok, and Youtube. He's a saved family man who's truly humbled by where his journey has brought him.