Building a Great Developer Experience

Track: Agile
If you want to onboard developers quickly, and retain them by providing a frustration-free environment, you need a great developer experience (DX). This goes beyond just providing CI/CD. It requires runtime libraries, build tooling, local environmets, data collection and displays, and migration automation. All of these work together to create a constant two-way stream of information between the platform engineers and their client development teams.
John Burns
John is a platform engineer at GrubHub where he leads development on all JVM ecosystem shared tooling such as runtime libraries and frameworks, build tooling, test tooling, and more. He is also a co-organizer of the Chicago Kotlin User Group and maintainer of the ktlint-gradle project.
Samuel Raghunath
Senior Principal @ Grubhub. Advocate for all things backend engineering, with a focus on developer experience and platform engineering for mid-large sized companies.