Biometric authentication in the browser: an intro to WebAuthn

Track: Web and Front-end
WebAuthn is a standard which allows you to leverage biometric based authentication methods from within your browser. While you can use a variety of hardware to authenticate users, the real benefit of WebAuthn is the fact that it connects users’ browsers to built-in operating system authentication methods. When you build with WebAuthn, you are benefiting from the security and pervasiveness of FaceID, Fingerprint Scanner, and Windows Hello, among others. WebAuthn is supported by all major browsers, as well as all major desktop and mobile OS platforms. In this talk, we’ll walk through the WebAuthn process, including registration, attestation, and authentication. You’ll learn the difference between platform and cross-platform authenticators, as well as the difference between user verification and user presence. At the end of this talk, you’ll have a grasp of what WebAuthn is, when it makes sense, and how you can leverage it for your next project.
Dan Moore
Dan Moore is head of developer relations for FusionAuth, where they're building auth for any app. A former CTO, engineering manager and longtime developer, he's been writing software for (checks watch) over 20 years.