API Management as Code: A declarative approach to handling API artifacts

Track: Cloud Native
Every day software development relies more and more on APIs. Using it as part of digital transformation or just to connect some microservices, developers use APIs to connect applications and devices. API management is now a mature discipline covering the different aspects of the API lifecycle. However, managing efficiently the surge of APIs in the organization could be a challenge. Using a declarative approach makes it easier to understand and automate the desired state of APIs. It makes it easier to version, review and share with other members of the team. Some projects have started to complement their capabilities to add this declarative approach, usually in environments like Kubernetes. Join this session to learn more about: Common API management artifacts An introduction to declarative vs imperative management The operator pattern and how it helps with declarative management An example from the 3scale operator Other projects using Kubernetes custom resources.
Hugo Guerrero
Hugo Guerrero works as an APIs and messaging developer advocate. In this role, he helps the marketing team with technical overview and support to create, edit, and curate product content shared with the community through webinars, conferences, and other activities. With more than 15 years of experience as a developer, consultant, architect, and software development manager, he also works on open source software with major private and federal public sector clients in Latin America