Bruno Borges is Oracle’s principal product manager responsible for Oracle Fusion Middleware, Java, and cloud services, as well developer advocate for the Java platform and Oracle Cloud. He covers topics from Java Embedded to Java SE and JavaFX to Java EE. Borges has more than 15 years of experience as a Java developer in several areas, from mobile to enterprise applications.

Delivering Better and Faster Microservices and Mobile Apps

New cloud technologies and services have emerged to enable developers for quick develop and deploy of Microservices. They often provide easy environment provisioning, setup, management and elastic scale, without needing to manually intervene into the infrastructure. For developers still wondering what is available out there, this session will walk them through the latest trends in rapid application development/deployment, DevOps, Microservices, Docker, and APIs, with a cool live demo of how Oracle Cloud users and enterprise developers are already developing, building, deploying, and managing Mobile fronted, running Microservices, and mashing Mobile APIs within minutes.