Bryan Robinson is the Director of Design and Strategy at RocketFuel an interactive agency in Memphis, Tenn. He manages a small design team and teaches HTML and CSS to journalism students at the University of Memphis.

Before working at RocketFuel, Bryan worked for the EW Scripps Company as a User Experience Specialist and Sr. Front-end Developer, where he oversaw the HTML, CSS and Javascript for 13 newspaper websites and helped guide new products through UX and product development methodologies.

He is a member of The Interaction Design Association and takes an avid interest in the technological and entrepreneurial community in Memphis and is a board member for HACKmemphis, Memphis Technology Foundation and co-organizes the Memphis Web Workers. In his spare time, Bryan is an enthusiastic geek enjoying video and board games as well as great books and movies.

Post-Modern CSS: In-Depth on CSS Grid, Flexbox and other new CSS techniques

CSS has changed. It’s moving away from the mired mess of it’s origin and toward a bright future of interesting layout and easy design.

If you’ve been focused on other important skills in the past 3 years, you’ve missed out on a lot of new, helpful techniques.

This workshop will cover the history of CSS (much like the breakout I’m proposing, as well) and then will go into a deep dive into Flexbox, CSS Grid, CSS shapes, Sass, etc. with practical examples and tutorials of each.

This workshop is targeted toward developers who have grown dependent on Bootstrap and Foundation for their CSS knowledge. It’s time to come back into the fold and reclaim the third leg of the basic Web tripod!