• An IT thought leader & consultant with 18+ years of experience in Analytics & Business Intelligence
• Experience in Machine Learning, Text Analytics, Advanced Analytics and Enterprise Data warehouse Architecture
• Experience presenting technical and non-technical topics at conferences, user groups and enterprise wide lunch and learn sessions.
• Experience blogging on technical and non-technical topics at industry leading blogs

Machine Learning - Why the hype and how it does its magic!

There has been a lot of hype about Machine Learning. Major tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Amazon have entire platforms called “Machine Learning”. You find Machine Learning topping the charts of the Gartner 2015 and 2016 Hype Cycle. In this session, we will discuss “Why” the industry is talking so much about this technology. We will also discuss “What” Machine Learning actually is, its key concepts and relationship to Data Science and Analytics. Additionally, we will explore “How” to use a Machine Learning platform to build an entire predictive analytics solution from soup to nuts. We will perform data preparation and cleansing steps, use Machine Learning algorithms like regression, train our model with data from the training set, and then deploy the solution for production use. We will then call our deployed model and make predictions in real-time. Thus, we will see “How” to build solutions using Machine Learning algorithms. Finally, we will discuss various Use Cases and the implications of the democratization of this technology. This session, with half power point and half demonstration, is ideal for those looking to significantly increase their understanding of Machine Learning and being inspired by this technology!