Simon is a software development aficionado, especially interested in reactive programming, software design aspects (OOP, design patterns, software architecture), rich clients, what lies beyond code (continuous integration, (D)VCS, best practices), and also a bit of CompSci, concurrent programming…

Reactor 3, the Reactive Foundation for Java 8 and Spring 5

Spring 5 ( major theme is Reactive Programming support, specifically, Reactive Streams. To fuel that revolution, the same OSS teams behind Spring and RxJava are working on an independent reactive engine: Project Reactor. In fact, it’s supporting a wide range of reactive new features from Spring MVC to Spring Data, Spring Cloud Streams, or even Kafka, Netty and CloudFoundry orchestration (!).

This session introduces Reactor 3 with practical examples. It will show how to write and test reactive applications or APIs that are backpressure-ready and resilient by design, going from callback hell to reactive well.