Algebraic ... in Java?

Track: Java Platform
Abstract Recording

Code samples and walkthrough of the algebraic datatypes and their uses. Java 14 introduced Records and Java 15 introduced Sealed types. Understanding the nuances and benefits of these and other algebraic data types as well as leveraging other similar sum and product types via code is intended help the attendees better use the amazing new features being introduced.

Chandra Guntur

Chandra Guntur is a Director and Java Advocate in Developer Practices Group, BNY Mellon. Chandra is a technologist in the financial services industry since 2003 and is programming with Java since 1998. He is one of the representatives for BNY Mellon in the Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee. He is a Java Champion and a Java User Group (JUG) Leader, and helps run one of the largest Java user groups, NYJavaSIG (New York Java Special Interest Group). Chandra is also responsible for running the NYJavaSIG Hands-On-Workshops (HOW), conducting code workshops and Code Katas on core Java features. He is a frequent speaker at Java meetups, user groups, and tech. conferences including Oracle CodeOne, Oracle Code NY, QCon New York, Devnexus, DawsCon and GIDS India.