Machines making software: paving and maintaining the road with zero trust open source

Track: Security
Abstract Recording

Gene Kim, Dr. Stephen Magill, and I studied 60,000 software dev teams to discover which practices made them exemplary. I’ll share the results about team size, adoption rates, release frequency, cybersecurity practices, and more that fundamentally changed our understanding of high quality, secure software development. I’ll then point to where our ground-breaking research transforms development forever: when ML and AI meet machines that can code.

Derek Weeks

Derek E. Weeks is the world’s foremost researcher on the topic of DevSecOps and securing software supply chains. For the past seven years, he has championed the research of the annual State of the Software Supply Chain Report and the DevSecOps Community Survey. He currently serves as vice president and DevOps advocate at Sonatype, creators of the Nexus repository manager and the global leader in solutions for software supply chain automation. Derek is also the co-founder of All Day DevOps, an online community of 100,000 IT professionals. In 2018, Derek was recognized by as the “Best DevOps Evangelist” for his work in the community.