Micronaut Http Client

Track: 2GM
Abstract Slides

Micronaut’s HTTP client is powerful, robust, and loaded with features that put the cloud in cloud native. This talk will cover in depth how to use the HTTP client in Micronaut, including the declarative and imperative styles. The client supports many cloud ready features like retry, service discovery, circuit breaker, and more.

James Kleeh

James is a member of the OCI Grails and Micronaut team, and has been programming with Groovy & Java for more than 7 years. He has deep knowledge of the full web stack as well as a strong background in relational database centric applications and is a passionate software developer that strives for elegant solutions to complex problems. James has many years of experience in the education industry and has worked with many of the technology companies near his hometown. Beyond the world of software engineering, James enjoys science fiction, games, and spending time with his family in Youngstown, OH.