MicroProfile and Jakarta EE - What's Next?

Track: Frameworks

MicroProfile is well established as a microservices development platform. It blazed the trail for the Jakarta EE movement. In it’s short tenure, MicroProfile has introduced us to the Fault Tolerance, JWT Propagation, Metrics, Rest Client, Config, Health Check, OpenAPI, and OpenTracing programming models. But, what’s next for these two key Eclipse projects? Will MicroProfile stay independent and continue to demonstrate it’s fast-paced innovation? Or, will it be combined with Jakarta EE, which is also promising a faster development cycle than the previous Java EE platform? Come to this session to learn about our current direction and to provide feedback.

Kevin Sutter

Kevin has been actively developing in Java ever since he could spell “WebSphere”. Kevin’s most recent endeavor is leading the IBM effort on the Eclipse MicroProfile project (http://microprofile.io). He is also a member of the Eclipse EE4J PMC (https://projects.eclipse.org/projects/ee4j), which is guiding the effort of moving Java EE to the Eclipse Foundation.