Testing for Those Who have No Idea What’s Going On

Track: Tools and Techniques
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Are you a developer who’s been asked to do QA? Is your company shifting to a new model where developers both develop and build automation? Did your company give you absolutely no training on this important and rather opaque topic? Then this topic is for you! Having learned the hard way myself, I’ve come to enjoy the significance of testing and its many nuances. What is its primary difficulty? Terminology! What is the second difficulty? There’s no end to testing, technically speaking, but there is an end to your company’s money and time, not to mention your sanity. This talk will cover the basics and provide an excellent foundation for understanding the role and limitations of testing, and how to custom build your approach to testing that meets your particular goals and constraints in the most efficient, effective, and sanity-retaining manner.

Amanda Olsen

UI Engineer with a desire to know everything (turns out this is impossible), an appreciation of clearly-written instructions, a love for JavaScript, a love for visuals and their role in our understanding, a deep joy in aesthetics, and a mild addiction to explaining things.