A Java Space Odyssey: Fun with flying saucers, lasers, Pis and Arduino

Track: Unobtanium

Space Sentry Challenge is a fun arcade game that allows players to take control of a 3D printed spaceship to shoot down pop-up targets. It uses popular IoT kits like Arduino, ESP wifi modules and Raspberry Pi with Microservices built with Eclipse MicroProfile. In this talk, you will learn how to bring your Arduino projects online using modern Java technologies.

Prashanth Gunapalasingam

Prashanth Gunapalasingam, Software Engineer, IBM

He is software engineer focused on the WebSphere Application Server traditional and OpenLiberty Development, in the IBM Hybrid Cloud.

Frank Ji

IBM Cloud software Developer and IBM AI Technical Accelerator. I’ve been working on various IBM Java and cloud offerings presently including WebSphere Application Server, Open Liberty, and IBM Cloud Private.