Batch Processing in 2019

Track: Frameworks
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Ah a typical day at work. Come in, get your coffee, check email… What does that typical day in the life of a modern batch developer look like? We aren’t talking about someone running COBOL or batch jobs on bare metal somewhere. What does the day for a cloud native batch developer look like? How are they monitoring their jobs? How are they deploying them? How are they scheduling them? In this talk, we will walk through the typical life cycle of a batch job using modern tools including Spring Batch, Spring Cloud Task, Spring Cloud Data Flow, Circle CI for CI/CD, and a modern platform to run our batch jobs on.

Michael Minella

Michael Minella is a software engineer, Java Champion, speaker, and author with over 17 years of enterprise development experience. He currently works for Pivotal as the project lead for the Spring Batch and Spring Cloud Task projects. Michael has spoken on a number of Java, Spring, and Big Data topics and is a JavaOne Rockstar. Michael was a member of the expert group for JSR-352 (java batch processing). Michael is the author of Pro Spring Batch from Apress and the popular Refcard JUnit and EasyMock.

Outside of the daily grind, Michael enjoys spending time with his family and enjoys woodworking, photography and InfoSec hobbies.