Seamless development

Track: Practices and Other Tech
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There are many ways to improve productivity and generate positive outcomes with software development. One aspect that is frequently overlooked is the idea of friction. This talk looks at the aspects of development that makes things painful or difficult to get work done and how to make it better. Have you ever thought….”It’s too tough to get things done?”. We’ll look at a number of different elements that can make development teams less productive, and discuss why they occur and how to remediate them. This will include topics such as language and framework choice, immutable infrastructure, and both GitOps and DevOps techniques. For each of the areas we will provide some common symptoms and dive deep into specific processes or technical solutions to resolve the issue.

Thomas Gamble

Thomas Gamble is a technical principal. Tom has worked in a variety of development and management roles. He’s currently enjoying contributing to open source and helping teams to deliver quality software more efficiently (while having fun).

Dustin Bennett

Dustin is a Director in Wayfair’s Supply Chain Engineering group. His team is responsible for delivering value through applications and services that connect products from suppliers to customers in the most frictionless and efficient manner. Prior to Wayfair, Dustin spent several years in the Technology organization at The Home Depot where he was instrumental to digital transformation and value delivery in both Store Operations Software and Enterprise Architecture. Dustin played football at MIT and moved back to Boston after completing his MBA at the University of Georgia.