Introduction to Kubernetes

Track: Workshops
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Introduction to Kubernetes is a hands-on, interactive workshop giving attendees a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Kubernetes. As part of this workshop, you will learn how Kubernetes works, be able to successfully create a kubernetes cluster, deploy microservices to that cluster & also hear about some war stories.

James Strong

Cloud person, weightlifter, husband, nerd….

Adarsh Shah

Adarsh Shah is a Technical Principal & Cloud Native Software Dev Practice Lead at Contino. He is also a Devops Days NYC Organizer. With over 14 years of Engineering & Leadership experience, Adarsh has a keen interest in building systems that add business value, and he is passionate about helping clients achieve continuous delivery by improving all 3 aspects of DevOps (people, process & technology). These days, Adarsh is excited about working with distributed systems architecture and cloud native technologies. You can reach him on twitter at @shahadarsh.