Bob Paulin


Bob Paulin is an independent consultant and speaker that has been developing open source software for the past 10 years. Bob has presented at large international conferences such as ApacheCon, JavaOne and Devnexus. He frequently shares his knowledge and opinions on the Java Pub House and Jave Off Heap podcasts. Bob is actively involved in the Chicago developer community as the Chicago Java User Group CFO and Chicago GOTO Jr presenter/organizer. Bob is a passionate member of the ASF and donates his time to Apache Felix and Apache Tika as a committer and PMC respectively. When not coding, Bob enjoys coaching football, robotics, and spending time with his wife and 3 kids.

Microservice Networking in Anger
You’ve smashed your monolith into a thousand pieces. You’ve mastered eliminating tight coupling, large dependency trees, and long build times. Your next challenge? Dealing with your network to make it all work again. This session will cover all the things you never thought you had to know about networking. Whether you’re deploying to docker containers in the cloud or to your own datacenter this session will have something you’ll be able to put to work immediately. FIN
OffHeap Live!
OffHeap Live! The OffHeap gang is back to talk about the latest news and happenings within the java community. OffHeap is a podcast that brings together a collection of java champions and open source committers to talk and debate about the latest news in our industry. Hear Freddy Guime, Bob Paulin, Michael Minella, and others as we talk about what's new in the java ecosystem!