Priya Rajagopal


Priya Rajagopal has been professionally developing software for over 18 years and is a Developer Advocate at Couchbase. She is an active member of the mobile development community where she frequently talks on mobile development related topics, does technical consulting / mentoring and organizes the Mobile Monday, Ann Arbor user group. While her current interests lie with mobile development, she has previously worked on a range of technologies and is a co-inventor on 22 US patents.

A NoSQL Option to Persisting Data in your Mobile Apps
This talk will examine NoSQL as an alternative to locally persisting data on mobile platforms. We will provide an overview of the various flavors of NoSQL, focusing on the Document model. I will introduce Couchbase Lite, an open source, cross-platform NoSQL embedded data store for your mobile apps. We will compare and contrast it with existing embedded storage solutions. We will discuss how you can integrate this in your mobile apps and walk through examples describing the CRUD and Query interface.
Postman Delivers : API Development and Testing Made Easy
Whether you are a consumer or publisher of WebServices APIs, you would need a way to explore, evaluate and test APIs . In this talk, we will explore Postman, an easy-to-use, free app available for all the major platforms and also as a Chrome extension. I'll present a few slides and then dive into a demonstration of the key features. Whether you are a developer or a QA engineer, this is a useful tool to have in your arsenal.