Veer Muchandi


Veer Muchandi is a Principal Architect and Container/PaaS evangelist with RedHat. Specializes in Containerization, Microservices, PaaS and DevOps. Spreading awesomeness of OpenShift, an enterprise ready Kubernetes Platform to run your container workloads. Well known blogger, teacher, and speaker. Veer also runs OpenShift-Kubernetes meet up group in Atlanta.

Upgrade your developer superpowers with Containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift
Wish you could learn how to build, develop and run containers successfully into production? Your wish was granted! Attend this workshop and you'll learn how to do all of this and much more on top of the Kubernetes/OpenShift platform. You'll have hands-on exercises that will walk you through from building, deploying, scaling, and even performing A/B testing on your applications with Kubernetes/OpenShift. And don't forget state: you'll be able to deploy a stateful application with a database and polyglot backend services. What about having your own Kubernetes/OpenShift development environment on your notebook? We'll have it up and running on this workshop with the Minishift/CDK environment. And do you want to feel the taste of the future of software development environments? You'll have access to, the true from idea to production cloud-development environment. We have it covered: planning, repositories, IDE, testing, deploying, and running without leaving your browser.
Container Security
Container Strategy is on every enterprise's agenda. While we are thinking of deploying your workloads as containers, we should also understand that "Containers don't contain". In this session you will learn the challenges with container security and how you can secure your applications. You will learn why HostOS plays a key role in securing your containers, the role a container platform would play, ensuring container security while building them etc.