Raju Gandhi


I am a Software Craftsman with over a decade of experience building Web Applications and Enterprise Software and I love to build great software

Deep Dive into Dockerfiles
In this session we will dive deeper into Dockerfiles. We will explore the DSL that Dockerfiles provide to allow for the automation of image creation. Dockerfiles provide a means to automate the creation of images, and consequently the containers within which our applications run. The Dockerfile, though minimal, provides us with everything we need to package our software, and enable it to run. In this session we will dive deep into the Docker DSL, and explore the many commands that it provides, and along the way explore some differences between similar commands, and some gotchas.
Why Clojure?
You may have heard of Clojure and are wondering what the hype is all about, or may even even have played with it, but you still don't see what the fuss is all about. Either way, if you are curious about Clojure, then this is the talk for you. In this session we will explore some facets of Clojure the language - we will attempt to see what sets us apart from other languages on the JVM, and perhaps give you a few more reasons to both explore, and hopefully consider Clojure for your next home, or work project.