Exploring new languages, frameworks, and technologies, and then sharing what he’s learned, has always come naturally to Ryan. Even when it wasn’t his day job, Ryan has always been driven by his passion, spending his time and energy educating his friends, colleagues, or anyone else that would listen. Now, as a Developer Advocate at IBM, he has found a role that’s a perfect fit for him. Currently, Ryan is focusing on application development in the cloud using various technologies, like Node.js and Docker, and applying those technologies to application solutions around mobile, IoT, and more. When he’s not coding, Ryan likes spending time with his daughter, ice fishing, and watching the Red Sox.

Forget Email, My Watch Can Control A Drone!

"You might be able to read email on your watch, but mine can remotely control a drone!” Got your attention? Good! Whether you’re working with drones or humidity sensors, accessing connected devices at a moments notice is a requirement of every Internet of Things solution. Taking advantage of wearables like an Apple Watch to provide that access is the ultimate convenience. In this session you will see how you can securely connect remote devices such as drones to the IBM IoT Foundation and capture real time information from them within an application deployed to Bluemix and a Apple Watch. This session will sure to be fun, but also be jammed packed live code samples and demonstrations!

Destination: Cloud. Deploying Applications To The Cloud With Docker

Our news feeds are full of stories talking about the failures and successes of companies that have moved applications to the cloud. Ultimately the consensus seems to be that moving applications to the cloud is a good thing, the next question is “how”? One solution that has taken the world by storm is Docker. While initially Docker seems promising, development and operations teams are often left with the problem of coming up with some type of Docker orchestration and management solution for deploying their applications. In this session we will get our hands dirty.

We are going to use IBM Bluemix to get your application to the cloud and leverage the power and portability of Docker containers. We’ll talk about everything from build pipelines, to private registries, to container monitoring. And we’ll assess Bluemix as an end-to-end cloud solution for deploying Docker.