Mike is a core member of the Ionic team as well as a Developer Advocate. He helps developers, speaks frequently, and blogs about hybrid apps.

Ionic 2: Large Scale Mobile Apps

Ionic 1.0 has enabled many web developers to become mobile app developers. With the arrival of Angular 2 and its changes, and with ES6 being finalized, development has been improved yet again. How will that impact Ionic? In this session, we’ll compare Ionic 1 and Ionic 2 and go over what we’ve learned, what improvements we’re making to Ionic, and how easy it will be to develop large scale apps with Ionic 2

Working with Ionic Services

In this session I’ll talk about using the various services of the Ionic platform. I’ll cover Push, Analytics, Deployment, Users, and the new Package service. I’ll share plenty of demos and examples of each service in action.