Roy Clarkson is an engineer at Pivotal where he is a member of the Spring team. Roy is currently working on Spring Cloud Services for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and is also an organizer of the Atlanta Spring User Group and Atlanta Cloud Foundry Meetup.

Cloud Native Java with Spring Cloud Services

Developing cloud native applications presents several challenges. How do microservices discover each other? How do you configure them? How can you make them resilient to failure? How can you monitor the health of each microservice?

Spring Cloud addresses all of these concerns. Even so, you still must explicitly develop your own discovery server, configuration server, and circuit breaker dashboard for monitoring the circuit breakers in each microservice.

Spring Cloud Services for Pivotal Cloud Foundry picks up where Spring Cloud leaves off, offering a discovery server, configuration server, and Hystrix dashboard as services that can be bound to applications deployed in Pivotal Cloud Foundry, leaving you to focus on developing the services that drive your application. In this talk, we will introduce the capabilities provided by Spring Cloud Services and demonstrate how it makes simple work of deploying cloud native applications to Cloud Foundry.