Tania Gonzales


Tania Gonzales is a consultant/software developer at Thoughtworks since 2013 and has been in the software development industry for about 6 years. She has worked in Peru where she is from and is now in Brazil. Since the beginning of her career she has worked in web application development, so she has used many Javascript frameworks and libraries, and has seen the change from when Javascript was just another utility library, to the point where it is now the main language for applications. Finally, she will be in a 6 months rotation to San Francisco next year for Thoughtworks.

The Javascript Toolkit

With the recent explosion of javascript based technologies and frameworks, it’s difficult for a web application developer to be up-to-date with them. Even so, Javascript is starting to be treated like a first class citizen language and to support that, we need a full toolkit that will help us to create, build, test and deliver during the whole developing cycle.
In this talk, we’ll go through categories like scaffolding, building, automated testing, dependency management, dynamic loading, test frameworks and DOM utilities, explaining the benefits to have this as part of the development and giving example of the tools that can be used.