Matt brings over a decade of customer implementation and support experience to his role as Apprenda’s VP of Client Services. Apprenda’s client services team drives education, implementation, and customization of Apprenda for customers around the world through the world’s first private cloud adoption program: Apprenda CloudRISE. He’s a regular speaker at various conferences and Code Camps around the U.S and teaches INF496 Cloud Computing at SUNY Albany. Matt was awarded the Business Review’s 40 Under 40 in 2010.

Essential Hybrid Cloud: The Future of Application Development

Just as many folks (and companies) are finally realizing the amazing potential of building and delivering services in the cloud, the idea of hybrid cloud appears. What is hybrid cloud? What are the reasons, technical and otherwise, that hybrid cloud exists? What types of apps run on a hybrid cloud? We’ll take a look at a hybrid cloud setup and deploy web apps and mobile backend services across datacenters around the country in a matter of minutes.