Cory Foy


Cory has a long history with agile methods, implementing XP, Lean and Agile practices at a wide variety of companies, from startups to regulated industries. In addition, he served as the Global Community Liaison for the Scrum Alliance. He currently runs a software and consulting company, providing coaching, training and consulting for companies around the globe. He also serves as CTO of Pretty Kool Apps, a startup focused on educational technology for therapists and teachers working with children. Cory can be found on Twitter at @cory_foy, and on his blog at

From Scrum to Kanban

Agile software practices are very popular with Scrum being the more favored methodology, but there is a new kid on the block pressing to become a favored process that is Kanban from the Lean mindset. This talk does a compare and contrast of Lean and Agile as well as Kanban and Scrum. The talk will explain how a team can implement either Kanban or Scrum and how you could move from Scrum to Kanban and why a team or organization might desire to make the change to Lean/Kanban.