James Chittenden


James Chittenden is a solutions engineer on the Google Cloud Platform team. James comes from a strong development background, focusing on a broad set of areas including open source, Microsoft stack as well as wide variety of UX capabilities. He has over 15 years of deep IT enterprise experience, including a strong focus on Business Intelligence, UX as well as an evangelist promoting developer technologies.

How Google Does Big Data

Rapidly crunching terabytes of big data requires complex technology and tremendous IT investment. Organizations of all sizes are looking for alternatives to the existing world of on-premise database technology and looking to the cloud and “big data” technologies to deal with the explosion of data types and volumes available in their organizations.

Over the years, Google has been an innovator in processing and analyzing massive amounts of information. Google has been responsible for inventing and developing many of the technologies that have been adopted by the IT industry to solve “big data” and computationally intensive problems.

Google’s Big Data and Cloud Platform Expert James Chittenden will examine in depth, what it takes to succeed in deriving business value out of Big Data. We’ll dive into Google’s Big Data stack (BigQuery, Compute Engine + Hadoop, Building Big Data Pipelines, etc) as well as explore best practices when harnessing Google’s massive infrastructure in supporting those efforts.