Yakov Fain is a Java Champion, and the coauthor of Angular 2 Development with TypeScript as well as a number of other technical books on programming. Yakov works as a software architect at the IT consultancy Farata Systems and develops software products for the insurance industry. He has taught multiple classes and workshops on web and Java-related technologies, presented at international conferences, and published more than a thousand blog posts. Yakov lives in New York City.

Seven Versions of one Web application

This talk is a fast paced comparison of different ways of developing HTML5 Web applications. The audience will see seven versions of the same Web application. We’ll start with architecture and code review of a basic HTML/JavaScript version of a sample charity application. After that we’ll switch to its jQuery version, then you’ll see how to do it with Ext JS framework, then we’ll cut this application into slices for modularization reasons. The second part of this presentation is about moving this application to mobile devices. You’ll see this application implemented with Responsive Design principles, and then two more versions: one with jQuery Mobile and the other with Sencha Touch. If time permits, we’ll try to review one more version written in a new programming language that Java developers should learn.