Jason is a software guy living in Atlanta, GA. He’s been slinging code since the age of 12 and would dearly love to be slinging code until he finally pops his clogs. He’s worked at startups, airlines, telcos and software companies big and small. He’s currently Director of Engineering at Lancope - a fast growing network security company that helps enterprises protect what is important from advanced cyber threats.

Micro services based architectures - a path to "Living Software"

The age of large monolithic software architectures needs to come to close. A 1M LOC Java EE application is an example of such a monolith. They do not age well; are difficult to change; difficult to understand; difficult to test; difficult to diagnose issues; and quickly become saddled with overwhelming technical debt. We have introduced practices such as re-factoring and automated tests to help us deal with this insanity. Is there a better way? Micro services based architectures look very promising. But what exactly are micro services? How do you get started? What are the benefits? What are the trade-offs? How do you design them? I will share with you my journey to the discovery of micro services. The goal of the talk is to help you understand if a micro services based architecture might be a good fit for the business problem you are trying to solve.