Unit Testing JavaScript Applications

Track: JavaScript
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Ballroom B
Time Slot: Mon 2/24, 5:30 PM
Tags: tdd , javascript , testing
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Do you want to avoid spending hours or days hunting for your next bug? Would you rather have the computer flag bugs for you as soon as you enter them in your editor? That’s the goal of Test Driven Development (TDD), and there’s no reason that JavaScript developers should feel left out of the TDD party. This talk outlines the concepts of TDD, introduces JavaScript tools and frameworks that support it, and walks through the development of a sample application.

Basic familiarity with JavaScript MV* frameworks (Backbone, Angular, etc.) is helpful but not essential.

Stephen Thomas

Stephen specializes in front-end development at Intellum where he is helping to build tools for the modern workplace. He is the author of several books on the Internet and networking technology and has written about web development for Smashing Magazine, Site Point and others. His most recent book is Data Visualization with JavaScript from No Starch Press.