Michael Buckbee


Michael Buckbee is a co-founder of Bootstrap Hero - http://www.bootstraphero.com - a startup working on tools and services for the Bootstrap toolkit community.

He has consulted for clients such as Atlassian, Oracle, SXSW, 3M and the US Navy.

Less is More - CSS Preprocessors and You

It is a proven fact that developers can’t write more than a dozen lines of CSS without experiencing eye-twitches, general stomach pains and the overwhelming urge to flip their desk over and “Hulk it Out”.

LESS - the CSS preprocessor - is here to help. With its variety of helpful features like variables, mixins, operations and color functions it is now possible to actually program CSS instead of just typing at it.

Topics covered will include:
- Options for LESS compliation
- Converting current projects
- Customizing Bootstrap with LESS
- LESS alternatives

Bootstrapping with Bootstrap

Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got, taking a break from all of your front-end development worries sure would help a lot. Which is where the Bootstrap front-end web toolkit comes in: learn how to rapidly create attractive, easy to use user interfaces for your web applications.

Topics covered will include:
- An overview of what’s included
- Where to start
- How to customize
- Gotchas
- Tips for rapid prototyping