Fred Simon is best known as the Co-founder and Chief Architect of JFrog - the Artifactory Binary Repository creators, JavaOne 2011 and 2013 Duke Choice Awards winner.

Before founding JFrog in 2008, Fred founded AlphaCSP, the Java consulting firm in 1998 where he was the company’s global CTO, leading 5 branches worldwide and served as the visionary voice of the company.

Fred’s development experience goes back to 1992 and covers Java technologies evolution from day one as a programmer, Architect and Consultant.

As one of JFrog leaders, Fred encourages strong collaboration with leading open-source projects such as SpringSource, Grails and Gradle by providing them with the Artifactory Cloud platform, and fuels the Continuous-Integration ecosystem with open-source plugins for leading tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity & Bamboo.

When not on those Fred hacks around new features for the core Java language, Java port of the popular sky rendering Stellarium project and other neat stuff.

Fred blogs at [JFrog blog[( & and tweets as @freddy33.
His speaking history on Lanyrd

Developing for multi-component environments while keeping your sanity

Managing a modern multi-component application in a continuous integration/deployment environment can be very tricky.

In this session we will concentrate on two of the aspects - environment setup, showcasing tools like Vagrant, Chef and Puppet for creating and controlling development, testing, staging, production and other environments and pushing the deliverables through those environments, using tools like Gradle, Jenkins and Artifactory.

Join us and get all the little tips and tricks that will help you rule your development world.

Managing Terabytes on AWS

JFrog is handling huge amount of binaries files for all our customers. Since each customer has its own space and domain, using a global Object Store can be tricky.
Also our application cannot work with an “eventually consistent” storage, and cannot deliver customer requirements with current S3 performance.
Learn in this session how we managed fast upload, critical replication and backups, and global download availability of the terabytes of JFrog customer binaries files.