Wesley Hales is an author, occasional speaker and engineer at Shape Security. In his spare time, Wesley works on You can read his ramblings, or follow him on twitter @wesleyhales.

HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps

This session will give you the knowledge to write HTML5 applications in your production code today. We’ll start out with a review of the current browser landscape (iOS, Android, Microsoft, Firefox, Chrome, Dolphin and Opera) and how to support both mobile device and desktop browsers in a production environment. We’ll review core HTML5 and W3C APIs such as Web Storage, Web Sockets, Web Workers, Geolocation, and Device Orientation and examine how these APIs contrast between desktop and mobile environments.
From there, we’ll begin coding an offline capable, HTML5 based demo application using all the latest APIs.

The Browser as a Platform

Today’s front end developer’s have an endless buffet of JavaScript frameworks and development tools that supposedly allow you to do your job better and be more efficient. This talk wades through all the noise to discuss best practices for client-side user agent detection, code compression, GZIP, minification and build processes. We’ll review frameworks like grunt.js, HTML5boilerplate, and many others to see how these new techniques might fit into our current build processes with tools like maven or ant.