Ram Singaram


Ram serves ThoughtWorks, Inc. as a Principal Consultant and currently heads up the Atlanta office. He was the head of Technology Consulting practice in North America. He plays the role of a Senior Architect and Technical Lead in the creation of large-scale distributed enterprise applications and the integration of disparate systems. Ram has served as a developer, technical lead and architect in high end solutions encompassing custom frameworks, systems integration and business to business solutions using various technologies. He has worked with large corporations and has mentored clients and team members on the best use of technology and Agile techniques. He speaks at conferences and at clients on various topics and also helps in technology assessments and pursuits. He has had over 19 years of experience with over 6 years in ThoughtWorks and has worked in the US, Canada, UK, Thailand and India. He is passionate about motorcycles and riding.

You can follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/ramsingaram

Architecture Anti-patterns

It is easy to not see the forest for the trees with some architectural approaches and never realizing that the approach is the root cause for many problems faced. This talk focusses on the most common anti-patterns in architectural approach with real world examples and the real damage it does. Ram will discuss ideas that will help you spot them and mitigate them.