Brad Anderson


Brad Anderson has been wrangling data for 20 years, more recently building and using non-relational data stores. He works as a solution architect, assisting clients in their use of MapR’s technology-leading Hadoop distribution. Previously, Brad has worked on a large-scale video-on-demand platform, smart grid analytics, a real-time audience participation platform, helped Cloudant build their hosted NoSQL offering based on CouchDB, and organized the NoSQL East 2009 conference in Atlanta.

Large Scale Data Analysis Tools

“Big Data” has all the marketing and buzzword glamour of “Cloud” or “Social” nowadays. But there are serious tools out there to handle serious amounts of data. As with any task, you should use the right tool for the job at hand. This talk will navigate the vast and growing Hadoop Ecosystem as well as some new entrants to the emerging realtime stream processing market. From ingest to batch processing to querying, from scaling to extending to visualizing, there are a lot of systems that could make their way into your application’s stack. We will visit the more promising of these systems via case studies and real-world examples.