Yehuda Katz


Yehuda Katz is a member of the SproutCore, Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Teams; during the daytime, he works as an architect at Strobe. Yehuda is the co-author of the best-selling jQuery in Action, the upcoming Rails 3 in Action, and is a contributor to Ruby in Practice. He spends most of his time hacking on open source—his main projects, along with others, like Thor, Handlebars and Janus—or traveling the world doing evangelism work. He blogs at and can be found on Twitter as @wycats.


Do you want your next project to be more than just a web page? SproutCore gives you the tools to build immersive, data-rich applications. With a powerful data-binding layer, SproutCore frees you up to think about manipulating the underlying data, and not have to worry about handling all of the edge-cases that start to pile up as you add more elements to your view.

In this talk, Yehuda will walk you through developing a SproutCore application and show you how declaratively describing your views can keep you sane while developing a rich JavaScript application.

Building Web Applications in a Multi-Device World

Things are changing. Just a few years ago, building a web application meant shipping HTML to a user’s single computer. Today, your users are likely to have two, three, or even more devices, and expect to be able to get access to your application from their computer, their couch, or on the go. In this talk, Yehuda will explore this new world, and how you should plan your next web application, or how you should plan the next year of development on your existing app.